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This PROAIM 7-foot jib allows you to create those dynamic, dramatic video shots which focus on one subject while the camera moves up or down. It's perfect for the wedding videographer, documentary producer, music video producer, or anyone who has the need for a jib arm. This flexible-use jib comes with its own stand, or can be used with other 100-mm bowl or Mitchell base tripods. It can be mounted on a bazooka on a dolly system. You can also use 100-mm Satchler heads to mount the camera to achieve pan and tilt shots, controlling your camera directly from the handle of the Satchler head. The tilt break through the 2-inch silver rod allows you to position your camera at a fixed angle.The study design allows the jib to bear the weight of up to 60 pounds of heavy cameras with complete stability, while remaining compact and easily carried. The Quick Tripod Mounting and the simple breakdown of the jib allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Specifications:* Composition: Black, anodized aluminum* Base spread: 32 to 48 inches* Height adjustment: 44 to 80 inches* Weight capacity of the stand: 200 lbs.* Jib breaks down into three sections of 2 feet, 10 feet, and 2.6 feet* Highest lifting of 8 feet at a height of 3.10 feet of tripod height* Can be used with 100-mm bazookas for camera dollies* 100-mm invertible bowl* 60 lbs. weight-bearing capacity* Components: Power coated MSPackage includes:* Jib arm* Jib stand* Carry caseNOTE: Camera, Camera Weights and Satchlar Head not included

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