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EMPIRE®'s thermoplastic polyurethane cases are made of highly durable form fitting material that absorbs shock to prevent damage from drops and scratches, without adding bulk. Precisely engineered to fit your device, these cases offer direct access to all of its features. EMPIRE®'s crystal clear screen protector offers superior protection from scratches, dust, and dirt that may be accumulated from everyday use. The screen protector applies quickly and easily and has a self adhesive backing that will not leave sticky residue behind should you decide to remove or replace it. Its precision-cut allows for a perfect fit with any case you may have protecting your device. EMPIRE®'s vehicle mount securely holds your device on your cars dash, making it easily accessible and giving you a clear view of it while you drive. The locking suction cup on the base of the mount easily attaches to anywhere on your dash, allowing you to set it at the most convenient position. At the other end of the base, the rotatable mount piece allows you to set your device horizontally or vertically. The adjustable claw opens to 4 1/2" and closes to 1 1/2" in length and is also covered with foam padding, ensuring that your device doesn't get damaged. Mount also includes photo holster, so you can view a picture of your loved ones while the mount is not in use. EMPIRE®'s car charger keeps your devices battery charged on the go when plugged into any 12V cigarette lighter socket. It features an intelligent IC chip that helps prevent your device from overcharging, which could cause damage to it. The 5' coiled cable allows for flexible and convenient placement of your device when its plugged in. Small enough to fit into a bag or purse, you can conveniently bring this along wherever you may be traveling to. Charging time varies depending on battery size (mAh capacity). Charging port on device may differ in shape from charging tip, depending on phone manufacturer.

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