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The black Sony Handycam Hi8 camcorder line has been one of the most popular lines of Sony video camera utilizing a tape of recent history, and Sony Handycam CCD-TR600 is a fine example of the Handycam product line. Because of the many features of the Sony-TR600, it has uses beyond pointing and taking still or video pictures. Hook it up to a DVD recorder or a computer using either the included stereo audio and video cable or the S-Video cable, and it can be used to transfer a cache of Hi8 camcorder tapes to DVD or a digital media format, with a full 400 lines of resolution, instead of the 240 lines that VHS is capable of. Mount it on a tripod or bipod using the threaded attachment point on the bottom and it can be used completely handsfree with the included remote control. The 24x Pure Lens magnification/zoom brings those faraway sporting events (or air shows) up close and personal, while the proprietary Sony video camera Super SteadyShot algorithm keeps the image stable and bounce free. For carrying convenience and handheld stability, the Sony Handycam CCD-TR600 comes with both a heavy duty padded wrist and hand strap as well as a shoulder/neck strap. Advanced features include Program AutoExposure (AE), which allows still and motion pictures where the foreground subject is in focus and the background is not, and a fade in / fade out feature. The Sony Handycam CCD-TR600 is an excellent backup camera for a professional videographer or a second camera angle camera for weddings and similar events.

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