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N5R OHM - 8Color - WhiteAs great as our Classic 5 1/4 speaker, the Reference N5R Speaker are cleaner, smoother and more extended. It can be a drop in replacement for any of the Babb 514, 534 or 538, for more discerning listeners. Suitable for any application from outdoors to boats to home theater to a fantastic mid-bass to 20+ kHz driver. In a 1/3 cubic foot sealed box will play from 40 Hz to over 20 kHz +/- 3 dB - a great compact system, just add a woofer.100% WaterPROOFUV and Salt Water ResistantFull Range (No Crossovers)Spiderless (Less Resistance)Light (Neodymium Magnets)TOUGH! (3 Year Warranty) Specifications:Cutout Size: 4.7'QTY: PairWaterproof: YesWatts: 80W/300W

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