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Trouble shooting: ? For problems in normal operating situation ,please try these methods below: ? Can't take photo and recording Check the if the TF card has enough space or locked ? Automatically stop when recording Use the compatible high-speed TF card with SDHC because of big HD video data, the high-speed TF card have identifying of C4 and C6 ? Appear "files error" when replay photo or video Uncompleted files because of TF card storage error, please use formatting function to format your TF card ? Unclear video Checks if there are any dirt or fingerprint; and use lens paper to clear the camera Len. ? Black image when recording sky or water scene Scenes with big contrast will influence the automatic exposure function of camera; you can adjust "EV in setting mode to correct. ? Color is not perfect in cloudy day and outdoor light Set the "white balance" function to automatic ? cross stripe interference in image Because of wrong "light frequency", please set it to 50Hz or 60Hz according to the local power supply frequency ? Crash Restart by pressing shortly on" RESET" button after crash

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