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"Jag35 is always looking to improve our products, we are constantly learning and improving our designs to better suit our customers. So Jag35 is proud to introduce its new re-designed Jag35 Version 2 Rods. Similar to our previous rods, the version 2 rods still conform to the industry standard 15mm system, making our products compatible to any other rods, rail-blocks, or accessories that also use this system. This allows our users to use Jag35 rigs and products, smoothly and cohesively with any gear they may already own. Jag35 has taken the existing rods and hollowed them out making them 30% lighter. The lighter design has not compromised the strength of the rods, in fact the new rods are still as strong and rugged as ever. Our rigs will withstand constant usage and abuse, while still being light enough for operators to continue shooting all day with less fatigue. We've also machined our rods edges to be smooth and chamfered, eliminating the risk of scratching or damaging equipment. Jag35 has also upgraded the way we have colored and anodized our rods, giving them a shinier, longer lasting more consistent color, so users can be sure that their rig will look good as ever, even after repeated usage and abuse. We've also changed the threading from 1/4 inch-20 to 1/2 inch -13, having them conform more to the industry standard. However, our rods can still get the 1/4- 20 thread with the use of a Rod Plug, giving users the option of both. Taking into account the feedback from filmmakers, Jag35 is always improving our products to give our customers the best possible rigs and accessories, and with the new Version 2 Rods camera operators can build a lighter, stronger, better looking rig, so they can complete any job thrown their way."

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Parent Retsku B00AAQN4LQ
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