Manufacturer’s Description

The Baader Planetarium 10"/.965" reducer will allow you to upsize your .965" eyepieces and accessories to the 1-1/4" standard and to make use of 1-1/4" filters. This reducer incorporates filter threads, so you can make use of nebula and colored filters with .965" eyepieces. The accurate machining is especially useful for users of popular 1-1/4" Bino-Viewers. You can make use of the numerous high quality .965" eyepieces (Takahashi/Pentax/Nikon/Zeiss), minimizing misalignments caused by decentering. A broad recessed retention groove adds a measure of safety and the nickel plated brass lock screw has been machined with a radiused point, in order to minimize marks on your eyepieces.

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