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Find treasure quickly with Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors. All have an adjustable aluminum stem and a waterproof coil system, along with sensitivity adjustment and motion discrimination. They also have an internal speaker system, an S-rod handle system and a 1/4 headphone jack. Five-year limited warranty. Made in USA.The Quick Draw IIhas a microprocessor-controlled computer circuit with patented technology to deliver more performance than other similarly priced detectors. It detects coins down to 10 and larger objects down to 5 ft.The Sharp Shooter IIhas a digital LCD readout system with no-motion, all-metal detection. It combines the ease of use with a visual reference that lets the user determine what type of metal is being detected. Includes three-tone audio reference.The Fast Tracker is ideal for the beginner or longtime user. The dual Discriminator System with Ground Trac allows you to find more valuables and less trash. Tone discrimination gives low tones for most trash items, and high tones for most coins and silver.Streamlined in appearance, with only two operating controls and a mode selection switch, the Tracker IV has eliminated the most difficult aspect of metal detector operation: ground balancing.The Platinum Series uses the latest technology to find lost treasures. Displays target ID and depth with a two-digit target display system. Preset and user-controlled ground balance. Auto-tune. Motion all-metal. Progressive discrimination. Auto and variable notch

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