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Jabra LINK 14201-20 EHS Adapter for Avaya and ShoreTel Phones New: --> Jabra LINK 14201-20 Adapter Features Enables remote Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) control for Jabra wireless headsets and Avaya or ShoreTel telephones Once installed users can control their call directly from their Jabra wireless headset from up to 450 ft. away from their desk Compatibility Compatible with Jabra PRO 900 series PRO 9400 series GO 6470 GN9350e/9330e EHS and GN9120/9125 EHS wireless headset models Enables remote EHS control for Avaya 2410 5410 6416D+M and 6424D+M telephones Enables remote EHS control for ShoreTel IP 212K 230 230g 265 560 560g 565 and 565g (NOTE: Not compatible with Jabra GN9120 EHS) Enables remote EHS control for Toshiba DKT2001 DKT2010-S DKT2020-S DKT2020-SD DKT2020-FDSP IPT2008-SDL IPT2010-SD IPT2010-SDC IPT2020-SD DKT3007SD DKT3010-S DKT3010-SD DKT3014-SDL DKT3020-S DKT3020-SD DP5008 DP5018-S DP5022-SD DP-5032SD DP5122-SD DP5130-FDSL DP5130-SDL DP5132-SD IP5022-SD IP5122-SD IP5122-SDC IP5131-SDL IP5132-SD IP5631-SDL IP5522-SD IP5622-SD (NOTE: Not compatible with Jabra GN9120 EHS)

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