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The RS232 CAN converter enables the use of an RS232 COM port to send and receive CAN messages on an ISO11898 CAN Network. With a wide variety of settings and configuration parameters the RS232 CAN Converter creates a powerful solution for interfacing between Serial and CANbus networks. The RS232 CAN converter can be used in either command mode or virtual circuit mode depending on the functionality desired. Command mode on the RS232 CAN converter allows it to send and receive CAN messages through the RS232 port providing complete conversion from RS232 to CAN messages. This mode also supports message filtering limiting the range of CAN identifiers that are received. CAN messages sent and received through the RS232 port are handled in ASCII format. Virtual Circuit mode allows the RS232 CAN converter act as a transparent 'Virtual' RS232 link between itself and another RS232 CAN converter. This mode provides the ability for applications to use a CAN network as a point-point RS232 link supporting full-duplex exchange of arbitrary stream data. Command Mode: Virtual Circuit Mode:

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