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* Lens Hood 49mm Petal Shape Lens Hood, with screw mount can be attached to the 49mm lens or filter thread. Enables you to shoot towards the light source, and being reflected inside the lens, without excessive flare. Stops light coming into the lens at extreme angles and being reflected inside the lens. Diameter: 49mm Include: 1 x Lens Hood 49mm * UV Filter 49mm The ultraviolet (UV) filter blocks UV light, which can create a bluish tint in your images. They┬┤re also often used to protect the front element of your lens, and many people keep a UV filter on each of their lenses at all times. For brilliant color reproduction, highest contrast and sharpness offers: At least one high quality hard coating on each filter side to reduce stray light, to maintain high contrast and to avoid flare (Reflections are reduced from 8% to only 2.5% for each glass to air surface on each side of the filter). Attach this filter to the front of your lens, and you can leave it on at all times for protection against minor bumps and scratches - an inexpensive way to keep your much costlier lenses in great shape. Include: 1 x UV filter 49mm * JB Digital Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is specially made for optimum product care and performance. The cloth can be used for many applications as well, such as cleaning multi-coated camera lenses and eyeglass lenses filters glasses cell phone. Size: 6 x 6 inches (15cm x 15cm).

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Parent Retsku B00C7D86UO
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