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Ample Scientific TCA-3.0C PACK The TCA - 3.0PACK Digital CMOS microscope camera is excellent for education, and is a must - have for those who wishes to document their findings under a microscope. Standard C - mount and additional adaptors allows this unit to be used on almost all microscopes on market, both biological and stereo microscopes! This unit provides outstanding color resolution and sensitivity, and intuitive software makes image capture and image processing effortless. The unit is 3.0 mega pixels (2048x1536) in resolution, and has a maximum refresh rate at 8 frames/sec for 1048x1536, and 30 frames/sec for 640x480. Data transport and electricity input through 1.8meter USB2.0 cable. Package includes TCA - 3.0 CMOS camera, 0.5X reduce lens w/23mm adaptor, 30mm and 30.6mm adaptors, .01 mm micrometer. Features: -Camera microscope.-Include TCA - 3.0C Digital CMOS camera, TCN - 0.5 reduce lens with 23, 30, 30.6mm direct insert interface, .01mm micrometer, installation CD/Driver.-3.0 MP resolution (2048 x 1536), great for capturing images and videos.-Non - compressed image output to be viewed and recorded on PC.-Standard C - mount and adaptors allows camera to be used on most microscope eyepieces and trinocular port on market.-Standard TS View software with image processing capabilities.-Standard calibration slide allows accurate measurements (distance, area, angle, etc) to be taken directly on TS View software.-Sensor size is 1/2''.-Square pixel of 2.8 x 2.8 microns....

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