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Panasonic HHR-P104 / P104A / P-P104 / TYPE 29 / GE-TL26411 / CPH-496 (2-Pack), Features: Composition: NiMH, Voltage: 3.6v, Replacement Battery For The Following Panasonic Phone Models KX-FG6550 KX-FPG378 KX-FPG379 KX-FPG391 KX-TG2302 KX-TG2302B KX-TG2303 KX-TG2303B KX-TG2303W KX-TG2312 KX-TG2312W KX-TG2313 KX-TG2313F KX-TG2313W KX-TG2314 KX-TG2314B KX-TG2314PK KX-TG2314W KX-TG2322 KX-TG2322B KX-TG2323 KX-TG2335 KX-TG2336 KX-TG2336S KX-TG2343 KX-TG2343W KX-TG2344 KX-TG2344B KX-TG2346 KX-TG2346S KX-TG2355 KX-TG2355S KX-TG2356 KX-TG2356BP KX-TG2356S KX-TG2357 KX-TG2357B KX-TG2357PK KX-TG2357SK KX-TG2386 KX-TG2386B KX-TG2388 KX-TG2480 KX-TG2480B KX-TG2480S KX-TG4500 KX-TG4500B KX-TG5050 KX-TG5050F KX-TG5050W KX-TG5055 KX-TG5055W KX-TG5200 KX-TG5200F KX-TG5200M KX-TG5202 KX-TG5202M KX-TG5210 KX-TG5210M KX-TG5212 KX-TG5212M KX-TG5213 KX-TG5220 KX-TG5230 KX-TG5230M KX-TG5240 KX-TG5240M KX-TG5241 KX-TG5242 KX-TG5242M KX-TG5243 KX-TG5243M KX-TG5421 KX-TG5421B KX-TG5421S KX-TG5421W KX-TG5422 KX-TG5422M KX-TG5423 KX-TG5423M KX-TG5428 KX-TG5428B KX-TG5428F KX-TG5428R KX-TG5431 KX-TG5431S KX-TG5431W KX-TG5432 KX-TG5432B KX-TG5432M KX-TG5432SM KX-TG5433 KX-TG5433M KX-TG5436 KX-TG5438 KX-TG5438F KX-TG5438S KX-TG5439 KX-TG5439PK KX-TG5439S KX-TG5451 KX-TG5451S KX-TG5452 KX-TG5452M KX-TG5453 KX-TG5456 KX-TG5456M KX-TG5456S KX-TG5471 KX-TG5471S KX-TG5480 KX-TG5480S KX-TG5561 KX-TG5561M KX-TG5562M KX-TG5566 KX-TG5566M KX-TG5570 KX-TG5571 KX-TG5571M KX-TG5576 KX-TG5576M KX-TG5583 KX-TG5583PK KX-

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