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HHR-P105 / P105A / GE-TL26420 / CPH-508, Features: Composition: NiMH, Voltage: 2.4v, Replacement Battery For The Following Panasonic Phone Models KX-FG2451 KX-TG2411 KX-TG2411W KX-TG2420 KX-TG2420B KX-TG2420W KX-TG2421 KX-TG2421F KX-TG2421P KX-TG2421W KX-TG2422 KX-TG2422W KX-TG2423 KX-TG2423B KX-TG2424 KX-TG2424F KX-TG2431 KX-TG2431W KX-TG2432 KX-TG2432B KX-TG2620 KX-TG2620B KX-TG2620W KX-TG2621 KX-TG2621W KX-TG2622 KX-TG2622W KX-TG2631 KX-TG2631W KX-TG2632 KX-TG2632B KX-TG5761S KX-TG5766 KX-TG5766S KX-TG5767 KX-TG5771 KX-TG5771S KX-TG5776 KX-TG5776S KX-TG5777 KX-TG5777B KX-TG5777PK KX-TG5779 KX-TG6700 KX-TG6700B KX-TG6702 KX-TG6702B KX-TGA241 KX-TGA242 KX-TGA243 KX-TGA244 KX-TGA246 KX-TGA570 KX-TGA570S KX-TGA571 KX-TGA571S KX-TGA572 KX-TGA573S KX-TGA670 KX-TGA670B

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