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Panasonic HHR-P301 / P301A / KX-A36A / PQP25F301A / PQXA36ASVC / TYPE 2 / CPB-403B (2-Pack), Features: Voltage: 3.6v, Composition: NiCD, Replacement Battery For The Following Panasonic Phone Models KC-TC150W KX-A36A KX-P372DH KX-T150 KX-T150W KX-T180 KX-T180W KX-T187 KX-T2870 KX-T3080 KX-T3080R KX-T3260 KX-T3610 KX-T3620 KX-T3620H KX-T3640 KX-T3702 KX-T3705 KX-T3705R KX-T3710 KX-T3710B KX-T3712 KX-T3720 KX-T3720B KX-T3721 KX-T3725 KX-T3725B KX-T3730 KX-T3731 KX-T3732 KX-T3748 KX-T3800 KX-T3800R KX-T3805 KX-T3805R KX-T3806 KX-T3807 KX-T3820 KX-T3822 KX-T3822A KX-T3822B KX-T3823 KX-T3823H KX-T3823R KX-T3824 KX-T3832 KX-T3838 KX-T3848 KX-T3848B KX-T3848R KX-T3850 KX-T3850B KX-T3850H KX-T3850R KX-T3855 KX-T3855B KX-T3855R KX-T3856 KX-T3857 KX-T3860 KX-T3860W KX-T3865 KX-T3870 KX-T3875 KX-T3878 KX-T3905 KX-T3908 KX-T3908B KX-T3908W KX-T3910 KX-T3910B KX-T3911 KX-T3912 KX-T3920 KX-T3920B KX-T3925 KX-T3930 KX-T3932 KX-T3932B KX-T3935 KX-T3935W KX-T3940 KX-T3940W KX-T3945 KX-T3950 KX-T3950W KX-T3960 KX-T3960W KX-T3962 KX-T3965 KX-T3967 KX-T3968 KX-T3980 KX-T3980R KX-T3980W KX-T3990 KX-T4008 KX-T4035 KX-T4050 KX-T4065C KX-T4068 KX-T4108 KX-T4109 KX-T4168 KX-T4169 KX-T4200 KX-T4200R KX-T4300 KX-T4300B KX-T4310 KX-T4330 KX-T4330B KX-T4330R KX-T4340 KX-T4342 KX-T4350 KX-T4350R KX-T4355 KX-T4360 KX-T4365 KX-T4370 KX-T4370B KX-T4400 KX-T4400B KX-T4410 KX-T4500 KX-T4550 KX-T4560 KX-T4600 KX-T5712 KX-T6168 KX-TC100 KX-TC109 KX-TC150 KX-TC155 KX-TC157 KX-TC160 KX-TC160B KX-TC160C KX-TC160W KX

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