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AT&T BT166342 / 266342 / CPH-515J / 89-1347-02-00 / BT183342 / BT283342, Features: Voltage: 2.4v, Composition: NiMH, Replacement Battery For The Following AT&T DECT 6.0 Models CL80100 CL80101 CL80111 CL81201 CL81219 CL81301 CL82201 CL82301 CL82313 CL82351 CL82401 CL82450 CL83201 CL84102 CL84152 CL84202 CL84252 CL84342 CL84352 CLP99003 CLP99383 CLP99483 CRL30102 CRL32102 CRL32202 CRL32352 CRL32452 EL51200 EL51250 EL52100 EL52103 EL52103 EL52200 EL52203 EL52203 EL52210 EL52250 EL52251 EL52300 EL52303 EL52303 EL52350 TL30100 TL32100 TL32200 TL32300 TL86009 TL86109 TL90071 TL90073 TL91270 TL91370 TL92220 TL92271 TL92273 TL92320 TL92371 TL92373 TL92420 TL92470 TL92471 TL92473 TL96271 TL96273 TL96371 TL96373 TL96471 TL96506

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