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The Wave is a tough competitor. The shock resistant and waterproof housing qualify the camera for 99% of all sports applications. Its light weight makes it a great wearable helmet camera because it won't tire your neck with prolonged use. The systems operation is straight forward and easy. Waterproof The cameras simple design keeps the water out and the light weight lets the camera float! This one won't sink to the bottom if you drop it. LED Lights The camera is equipped with 8 high intensity LED lights around the lens providing up to 10' of bright lighting. This opens up the cameras applications to Caving, Spelunking and other night sports. Resolution & Storage Capacity The camera records video in 1280x720 resolution and can be set to record still frame photos in time lapse mode. The camera accepts Micro SD cards up to 32GB, using our Video Perfect SD memory cards you can capture hours of crisp clear footage. Included in the Package 1 Wave Sports Camera 1 Built-In Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery 1 Handlebar Grip 1 Adjustable Nylon Strap 1 USB Cable 1 AV Cable 1 Carrying Bag 1 User manual Warranty & Support This unit includes a complete 1 year warranty and our exclusive You break it, we replace it service.

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