Manufacturer’s Description

The LP9802 PCI-X host bus adapter offers a highly integrated 2Gbps Fibre Channel HBA for use in servers based on either PCI or the latest PCI-X expansion bus. The LP9802 delivers exceptional performance through the use of an Emulex Pegasus ASIC, a 266MIPs onboard processor, an embedded 1Gig/2Gig SERDES, and a high performance unified QDR SRAM. The LP9802 features automatic topology detection and automatic topology detection and automatic speed negotiation capability. These capabilities allow complete compatibility with existing 1Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs, while allowing seamless upgrades to higher speed 2Gbps SANs.

The Specs

Warranty Information 3 Year
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Additional Specifications
Temperature -40F (-40C) to 158F (70C) Storage
Description 2Gb/s Fibre Channel PCI-X Host Bus Adapter
Ports/Channels 1 x LC Fibre Channel
Frequency Band Automatic speed negotiationAutomatic topology detectionOnboard hardware context cache for superior fabric performanceSupport for multiple concurrent protocolsFull fabric boot support in x86 and SPARC environments to multiple LUNsEnd-to-end parity protection for high data integrityBuffered data architecture to support over 50km cabling at full 2Gbps bandwidthEmulex Pegasus ASIC technology266MIPs onboard processorEmbedded 1Gig/2Gig SERDESAirflow required: 100 lf/mSoftware Features:LUN MaskingLUN MappingPersistent BindingI/O Coalescing
Backward Compatibility PCI 33 MHz 32-bit
Management Most drivers include a full-featured implementation of the FC-MI HBA Management Interface.
Connectivity Media 62.5/125 µm Multi-mode
Topology Arbitrated Loop
Distance Support 492.13 ft 62.5/125 µm Multi-mode Optical Fiber @ 2 Gbps
Brand Name Emulex
Fibre Channel Class Support Class 3
Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity
Data Throughput 3.13 Gbps Fibre Channel Full-duplex
Power Consumption 8.50 W Typical @ 133 MHz
Fabric Support F_Port
Product Line LightPulse
Dimensions 2.54" Height x 6.60" Width
Quick Glance
Slot/Port Type PCI-X 133 MHz|PCI-X 100 MHz|PCI-X 66 MHz
Product Type Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
Network Adapter
System Type Software Environments: Windows Server 2003 Windows 2000 Windows NT HP-UX Linux NetWare Solaris Hardware Environments: x86 SPARC PowerPC

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