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The world's fastest hedgehog is speeding onto the Nokia N-Gage? mobile game deck faster than you can scream "Sega"! In Sonic N, Sega's latest side-scrolling action-packed platformer, Sonic joins his fearless buddies Tails, Knuckles, and Amy to battle the evil Dr. Robotnik, aka "The Eggman." Each character has his or her own special talents: Sonic uses his Super Dash and Rolling Attacks, Tails' flies helicopter-style by spinning his two tails, Knuckles glides powerfully through the air, and Amy jumps and attacks using her Piko Piko Hammer. Set your sights on capturing the Chaos Emerald, collecting as many rings as you can, and keeping The Eggman from world domination

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Release Date 2003-10-6
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Game Genre Action/Adventure