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The Quad T1/PRI module combines with other ATLAS components to implement a variety of WAN access products, including a T1 Bandwidth Manager, an ISDN Access Switch, and a Digital Access Cross-connect System (DACS). The module provides four network ports, each of which can be independently configured to operate in T1 (DS-1 or DSX-1) or Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) modes. The Quad T1/PRI module can perform T1- to-PRI conversion, translating between the robbed-bit signaling presented in a channelized T1 circuit and the D-channel signaling of a PRI circuit. When using the Quad T1/PRI module, ATLAS operates in a DACS mode supporting DS0 time slot interchange and DS0 grooming while preserving robbed bit signaling. ATLAS can be fully populated with Quad T1/PRI modules to support a pure DACSing application of 34 T1 circuits. Configuration of the Quad T1/PRI module can be accomplished through a variety of mechanisms, including Telnet or VT100 emulation. SNMP management is supported for alarm and event reporting. Extensive T1 circuit monitoring is standard with the Quad T1/PRI module, including the ability to detect, store, and report all performance parameters specified in AT&T Technical Reference 54016. The module detects and reports alarm conditions associated with the circuit, including Loss of Signal, Red Alarm, Blue Alarm, Yellow Alarm, and for PRI circuits, D-Channel Synchronization. The Quad T1/PRI module responds to standard loopback commands from the telephone company central office - both in-band commands and those sent through the Facilities Data Link. In addition, local and remote loopbacks (both line and payload) can be initiated from ATLAS. When testing the T1 circuit, the Quad T1/PRI module allows the user to select from a variety of test patterns, including all 1s, all 0s, and a standard QRSS pattern. When sending the QRSS pattern, the Quad T1/PRI module records and reports the results of the testing to the user.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Parts Warranty (Not Applicable)
Management Supported SNMP|Telnet
Installed Main Memory (Not Specified)
Labor Warranty (Not Applicable)
Frequency Band Four T1/PRI interfacesBuilt-in CSUsConfigurable for DS-1, PRI, or DSX-1 operationMaximum distance 6,000 ftAT&T 54016, 62411 and ANSI T1.403 compliantD4 and ESF framing formatsAMI and B8ZS line codingD-Channel to robbed bit signaling conversionESF performance monitoringLocal and remote loopback supportGenerates and detects QRSS test patternCompliant with Lucent 4ESS/5ESS, Nortel DMS100 and National ISDNLightning protectionOccupies a single slot in the ATLAS 800 series chassisHot swappableFraming: D4, ESFLine Coding: AMI, B8ZSLBO: 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5 dB; 266, 399, 533, 655 feetSystem Timing: Network, Internal, ExternalT1 Signaling Methods:- E&M Immediate, E&M Wink, Ground Start, Loop Start, Feature Group DConversion:- Robbed Bit Signaling to ISDN D-Channel, AMI to B8ZS, D4 to ESFSwitch Compatibility: PRI Mode: Lucent 4ESS/5ESS, Nortel DMS-100, National ISDNSwitch Emulation: PRI Mode: Lucent 4ESS/5ESS, Nortel DMS-100, National ISDNTest Patterns: QRSS, All 1s, All 0sAlarms: Loss of Signal, Red, Yellow, Blue, D-ChannelPerformance Monitoring: ES, BES, SES, SEFS, LOFC, CSS, UAS, LCV, PCV, LESSignal Monitoring: AB signaling bits for all DS0s, individual monitor jacks for each port Diagnostics:Local Loopback - Line and PayloadRemote Loopback - Line and Payload
UPC (Not Specified)
Processor Type (Not Specified)
Warranty Information Limited
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Speeds Supported 1.544 Mbps
Fiber - ST (Straight Tip) (Not Applicable)
Interfaces/Ports Details 4 x RJ-48C T1/PRI
Technical Support URL
IBM Data Connector (Not Applicable)
Technical Support Phone Number 800-923-8726
AUI/DIX-DB-15 Thick-Coaxial (Xbase-5) (Not Applicable)
Fibre Channel - DB-9 FC-AL Standard 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Connectivity Media ISDN PRI T1
Product Family (Not Applicable)
Installed Flash Memory (Not Specified)
Distance Support 655 ft DSX-1
Processor Speed (Not Specified)
Network Architecture Supported T1|ISDN
Fiber - FDDI MIC (Media Interface Connector) (Not Applicable)
Manufacturer Description Atlas 800
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Applicable)
Environment Switch
Class Network Hardware
Fiber - SMA (Not Applicable)
Network Status Indicators (Not Specified)
Temperature -4F (-20C) to 158F (70C) Storage
Category Other
Fibre Channel - HSSDC (High-Speed Serial Data) (Not Applicable)
Description T1/ISDN RJ-48c
RJ-11 4-pin Modular Plug (Phone/Telco) (Not Applicable)
RJ-45 Station (UTP Cabled) Modular Plug (Not Applicable)
ISDN - S/T Interface (Not Applicable)
Humidity Up to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity
Product Model 1200185L3
Fiber - Biconic (Not Applicable)
Parent Product Family Atlas 800
Manufacturer Sku 1200185L3
Management Configuration of the Quad T1/PRI module can be accomplished through a variety of mechanisms, including Telnet or VT100 emulation. SNMP management is supported for alarm and event reporting.
Fiber - FC (Not Applicable)
BNC Thin-Coaxial (Xbase-2) (Not Applicable)
normalized-Processor Speed 0 MHz
Parent Retsku B0000516BV
ISDN - U Interface (Not Applicable)
Interfaces Serial - RJ-48c Modular-style (T1/E1/DS1)
Brand Name Adtran
Product Line Series Model (Not Applicable)
Base Warranty 5 Years (60 Months)
Fiber - VF-45 (Not Applicable)
DB-9 Station (STP Cabled) 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Case Pack Quantity 1
RJ-45 Twisted-Pair (Xbase-T) (Not Applicable)
Shipping Weight 2.40 lb
Fiber - SC (Subscriber Connector) (Not Applicable)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
SKU 1200185L3
Power Consumption 6.50 W
Product Line ATLAS
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