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The stand-alone Guild Wars: Factions is the second campaign in ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online RPG, The Factions campaign, which can be played either connected with the regular Guild Wars or as its own separate game. Guild Wars Factions takes place on the continent of Cantha, where new and existing Guild Wars players join an epic quest to defeat an ancient evil and save a war-torn empire. New scored challenge missions and strategic competitive missions allow players to test their roleplaying prowess and earn the right for their alliance to take control of cities, towns and outposts. Large-scale alliance battles pit teams from opposing factions against each other in a struggle to conquer new territory and redraw the battle lines across the continent of Cantha. New elite missions allow the most skilled players exclusive access to areas of the ultimate cooperative challenge.

The Specs

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System Requirements
Network Compatible Required
Additional Specifications
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium III Processor
Version / Edition Guild Wars: Factions
Recommended Memory 512 MB
Required Processor Speed 800 MHz
Required Memory 256 MB
Required Disk Space 2 GB
Recommended Processor Speed 1 GHz
Required Video Memory 32 MB
Recommended Processor Class Intel Pentium III Processor
Recommended Video Memory 64 MB
Parent Retsku B001ELJE3I
Quick Glance
Game Genre Action/Adventure
ESRB Rating T (Teen)
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows ME|Microsoft Windows XP
Media Format CD-ROM
Release Date 2006-4-28

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