Manufacturer’s Description

The V.92 standard gives you the features to get the most out of your home's dial-up connection: send e-mail and attachments faster, get online quicker, and even take incoming phone calls without losing your Internet connection.

The Specs

Interface Connection 1 x RJ-11 Modem
Weight 2.00 oz
Max Data Speed 7 KBps
Fax Standards ITU-T V.17 (14,400 bps)|ITU-T V.27ter (4800/2400 bps)|ITU-T V.29 (9600 bps)
Height 1.9 in
Width 4.9 in
Depth 4.88 in
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows 98 SE|Microsoft Windows XP|Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Warranty Information 90 Limited
Additional Specifications
System Type PC
Speeds Supported 56 Kbps
normalized-Weight 2
Correction Compression Standards MNP 5|V.42|V.42 bis|V.44
Voice Standards ITU-V.80
Modem Transmission Data Rate 56 Kbps
Data Standards ITU-T V.34 (33.6 kbps)|ITU-T V.90 (56 kpbs)|ITU-T V.92 (56 kpbs)
Thickness 1.7"
Bus Type PCI
Max Fax Data Speed 56 Kbps Data Download ITU-T V.92|48 Kbps Data Upload ITU-T V.92|56 Kbps Data Download ITU-T V.90
normalized-Height 47.752
Modulation ITU-T V.27ter
Dimensions 1.9" Height x 4.9" Width x 1.7" Thickness
Product Model USR5670
Brand Name U.S. Robotics
Number of Modem (RJ-11) Ports 1
Quick Glance
Internal/External Plug-in Card
Modem Type Data/Fax Modem

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