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Essential Audio Tools - Voltage sags (below the standard RMS value of 120 volts) are often caused by power-hungry appliances that draw more power (over 1800 watts) than your studio was designed to support. This can have a direct effect on professional studio components, including amplifiers which require high power levels to operate at optimum performance level.As a result, sound can lose tone and clarity. Amplifiers change gain structure which results in easy-to-hear distortions. They also won't deliver peak power, dropping from 100 watts to as low as 60 watts. Your professional gear is very power hungry, too, often drawing twice as much power as a computer and other high analog components combined. This causes even more voltage sags and ultimately, compromised studio gear performance.With the AVS 2000 PRO, all your high power devices will maintain the stability needed to deliver peak power and performance. You'll enjoy the smoothest, most natural sound and tone. And thanks to AVS 200

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