Manufacturer’s Description

ATP MMCplus cards are next generation high speed flash memory cards designed for your current and future multimedia devices. Not only will ATP MMCplus cards unleash the full potential to your new device with ultra fast transfer speeds, but they are also completely backwards compatible with your current SD/MMC enabled digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and mobile phones.Successors to the universally adapted MMC (MultiMediaCard) cards, MMCplus cards are based on the latest standard specification v4.1 from the MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA). By utilizing a full x8 bit data width, current ATP MMCplus are rated with transfer speeds up to 20MB/s read and 15MB/s write, with speeds continuously growing closer to the 52MB/s threshold as flash technology improves. This means less lag between shots in your digital camera, less waiting time for GPS route calculations, and less waiting for file transfers. ATP MMCplus cards follow the ATP tradition of industry leading durability and build quality. Designed for the most extreme interpretations of mobility, they are built with ample protection from water, dust, ESD (electro-static discharge), and an extreme temperature range of -40 and 85 degrees Celsius. In addition, they can take a reasonable amount of physical abuse. These memory cards will withstand any abuse your device can and more!

The Specs

Warranty Information 5 Year Limited
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Additional Specifications
Brand Name Atp
Max Data Speed 15 MBps Write/20 MBps Read
Number of Memory Cards 1
Frequency Band Features:High Speed: 20 MB/s Read, 15MB/s Write! Speed up shooting and file transfers feature now allows for host design flexibility and higher data transfer bandwidth at a given clock speed, to accommodate the more data intensive content in cell phones and digital cameras.Weather Proof: Waterproof, dust proof, ESD proof, and extreme temperature resistant, they are built to withstand any environment your device can.Dependable Storage: With the best components in the industry, they last up to 10 times longer than generic MMCplus (MLC) memory.100% Compatibility: Compatible with all digital cameras, digital music players, mobile phones, PDAs, and other devices featuring MMCplus and SD/MMC slotsDual Voltage Capability and Low Battery Consumption: A lower voltage means a longer life for your device.Interface: MultiMediaCard or SPIClock speed: 52Mhz maxAcoustic Noise (at 1 meter): 0 dBNumber of insertions: 20,000 minimumData retention: 10 yearsEndurance: >100,000 cycles (read/write and erasePins: 13
normalized-Weight 0.07
Memory Speed 52 MHz
MTBF 1000000 hour(s)
Weight 0.07 oz
Quick Glance
Memory Size 2 GB
Flash Memory Type MMCplus

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