Manufacturer’s Description

Tripp Lite's HT850UPS line-interactive UPS offers complete protection for PCs, workstations and other sensitive electronics in an ultra-compact, mountable housing. Internal UPS circuits support individual VCR/DVR components as long as 3 hours during power failures. Prevents data loss and system downtime by providing battery-supported AC output during blackouts and automatic voltage regulation (AVR) during brownouts and overvoltages. Includes 12 output receptacles, 4 of which are widely spaced to accommodate large transformer blocks without obscuring adjacent outlets. 6 outlets offer full battery support and surge suppression, protecting computers, monitors and other vital system components from power loss. 6 additional outlets with surge suppression only are ideal for printers and other peripherals not requiring battery support. Single-line telephone suppression jacks and gold coaxial line surge suppression jacks. USB port with included cable and PowerAlert monitoring software.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Load Capacity (Watt) 450 W
Filtering EMI / RFI
Software Included PowerAlert Software
normalized-Weight 243.2
Switching Time 4 ms
Frequency Band Typical Applications: Dependable protection for audio/video equipment, home entertainment systems, basic PCs for home/home office use, network workstations and other sensitive electronic devicesSwitches: Combination power off/on/self-test push button switchForm factors supported: Ultra-compact desk/floor mount, mounting flanges enable wall-mount installationWatchDog compatibility: Yes, compatible with Tripp Lite's Watchdog system service to restore operation to locked equipment through soft reboot of application/OS or hard power off/on reboot of connected equipment, ideal for unattended kiosk applicationsLow voltage transfer to battery power: Switches to battery power as line voltage drops to 83V or lower, resets to AC mode as line voltage increases to 87V or higherHigh voltage transfer to battery power: Switches to battery power as line voltage increases to 147V or higher, resets to line power as line voltage drops to 143V or lessCold Start: Yes, inverter can be cold started to enable temporary AC output during a power failure
Voltage Handling 5% Output
Brand Name Tripp Lite
Maximum Battery Recharge Time 8 Hour
Backup/Run Time (Full Load) 4 Minute
Battery Recharge Time 8 Hour
Product Model HUPST850
Hot Swappable Yes
Backup/Run Time (Half Load) 11 Minute
Output Voltage 120 V AC
Load Capacity (VA) 750 VA
Warranty Information 2 Year
Backup/Run Time 0.07 Hour 450 W Full Load|0.18 Hour 225 W Half Load
Dimensions 3.75" Height x 12" Width x 7" Depth
Weight 15.20 lbs
Quick Glance
Power Rating 750 VA/450 W
Input Connectors 1 x USB|RJ-11 Fax/Modem/Phone|6 x NEMA 5-15R - Battery/Surge-protected|6 x NEMA 5-15R - Surge-protected|NEMA 5-15P
Input Voltage Supported 110 V AC

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