Manufacturer’s Description

The MediKeys, a silicone-based flexible computer keyboard and mouse in one, features a unique combination of durability and soft, comfortable feel. The hypoallergenic, sterilizable keyboard/mouse is the industrial grade next generation solution from the makers of the Virtually Indestructible Keyboard. The MediKeys combines state-of-the-art technology with practical design to produce the perfect keyboard. The unique layout offers quick, reflexive typing action that is not only silent, but also more comfortable than standard hard plastic keyboards. The flat-out design eliminates negative-angle wrist stress, an unfortunate and impractical holdover from the archaic days of manual typewriters. The silicone-based material is impervious to most anything including water, coffee and cleaning solutions.

The Specs

Dimensions 5.87" Height x 20.31" Width x 0.39" Depth
Physical Features
Color Translucent White Body Keyboard
Additional Specifications
Frequency Band Medical Disinfect with either self-drying aerosols or cleanse with ammonia- or bleach-based medical grade disinfectants. A study conducted by the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii found that nearly 25 percent of the keyboards sampled harbored a form of bacteria that is responsible for 95% of all hospital-acquired illnesses. Silent-type eliminates a component of background noise inherent to medical environments. Industrial / Business Fully washable using traditional cleaners including detergent and hot water. Disinfect with standard aerosols between shifts. Key design features recess between keys (with standard sizing and spacing) conducive for typing with safety gloves. Travel "Roll-able" design offers portability unique to standard size keyboards. Full-size design provides numeric keypad (10-key) for laptop users. Silent-type is conducive to use in airplanes, coffee-shops, lounges, etc. Gaming It is just too cool! "Roll-able" design offers portability unique to standard size keyboards. The ultimate mod! Home Spill-proof and fully washable using traditional cleaners including detergent and hot water. Kids! Kids! Kids! Silent-type is perfect for the "night-owl" in the family.
Keyboard/Keypad Type Keyboard
Recording Accessory Type cables
Pointing Device Features 2-button mouse with X-Y cursor built-in to the same footprint as the keyboard. MediKeys utilizes a single USB Port for dual input control.
DJ & Lighting Accessory Type cables
Upright Bass Type upright basses
Frame Rate keyboard
Localization English (US)
Keyboards and Pianos Accessory Type cables
Guitar Accessory Type cables
Keys Layout QWERTY
Design Right-handed Only
Live Sound Accessory Type cables
Number of Total Buttons 2
Brand Name Grandtec
Keyboard/Keypad Wireless Technology Not Applicable
Device Support Computer
Keyswitch Technology Membrane
Quick Glance
System Type PC
Interface Connection Keyboard - USB
Wireless Keyboard - Cable
Included Devices Mechanical
General Features Membrane
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited
More Info

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