Manufacturer’s Description

First-person Star Wars action/adventure, with a story-based singled-player campaign and a variety of multiplayer combat modes. Learn the ways of the Force from Master Luke Skywalker. Customize your character by choosing species, gender, clothing, and physical attributes such as hair and facial features. Create a custom lightsaber by choosing hilt design, blade color, and style: single, double, or dual sabers. Unique level selection system allows players to choose their own path through the game.

The Specs

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System Requirements
Network Compatible Yes
Additional Specifications
Required DirectX Version 9
Recommended Memory 256 bits
Required Processor Speed 450 MHz
Required Memory 128 MB
Required Video Memory 32 MB
Quick Glance
Game Genre Action/Adventure|First Person Shooter (FPS)
ESRB Rating T (Teen)
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional|Microsoft Windows XP
Media Format CD-ROM
Release Date 2003-9-1
License Type Full Product

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