Manufacturer’s Description

Does not generate noise or vibration in Silent ModeUse of two high performance heatpipes maximizes heat transferPure copper heatsink base and fins maximize cooling performanceThe high intensity blue LEDs on VF900 LED coolers stay bright even in Silent ModeAdjustable fan speed controller(FAN MATE 2) enables control of noise and fan speedDoes not exert any excessive force on the VGA card due to the product's light weightImprovement in the installation structure provides excellent compatibility and easy installationFan installed in the heatsink cools not only the VGA chipset and VGA RAM, but all other VGA componentsCircular heatsink formed by radially aligned ultra-thin(0.2mm) fins minimizes airflow resistance and maximizes heat dissipation surface area for excellent cooling performance

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Zalman
normalized-Weight 6.53
Fan Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Product Model VF900-Cu LED
Dimensions 1.18" Height x 3.78" Width x 3.78" Depth
Fan Speed 2400 rpm - ? 10%
Weight 6.53 oz
Quick Glance
Product Type Cooling Fan/Heatsink
Compatible Device VGA Card
Processor Socket ATI X1600 Series ATI X1300 Series ATI Radeon 9 Series (except 9550/9600) ATI Radeon X Series NVIDIA Geforce4 MX Series NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 NVIDIA Geforce FX 5500 NVIDIA Geforce FX 5600(FX 5700) NVIDIA Geforce 6600 Series (except 6600 AGP Series) NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti 4 Series NVIDIA Geforce FX 5700(Ultra) Series NVIDIA Geforce FX 5800 Series NVIDIA Geforce 6600 Series (except 6600 AGP Series) ATI X1600 Series NVIDIA Geforce 6600 Series (except 6600 AGP Series) NVIDIA Geforce 7600 Series NVIDIA Geforce FX 5900 Series NVIDIA Geforce FX 5950 Series ATI X1900 Series ATI X1800 Series NVIDIA Geforce 7900 Series NVIDIA Geforce 7800 Series (except 7800GS) NVIDIA Geforce 7600 Series NVIDIA Geforce 6800 Series

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