Manufacturer’s Description

Perfect for small businesses, the Netopia R2020 Dual Analog Router delivers a single, shared LAN Internet connection using ordinary phone lines. The Netopia R2020 links two 56 Kbps analog connections using the MultiLink PPP standard into one virtual pipe. The R2020 intelligently manages the connections, allowing each line to be dynamically allocated for on-demand Internet access or to allow remote dialin user access. An additional external modem can be attached to the serial port using the Add-On TE6/DB25 Aux Port Serial Cable, to increase Internet access bandwidth to 168 Kbps or provide another dial-in access line. The Netopia R2020 features a built-in firewall, secure VPN and an 8-port Ethernet hub. Powerful setup and management features make installation simple and hassle-free. Built-in NAT, MultiNAT and a DHCP server, client and relay agent give a network a secure connection to the Internet and allow workstations to receive network configuration automatically. The modular architecture of the R2020 enables a business to quickly and effectively upgrade one internal modem to a faster connection, such as DSL, and keep the second modem for dial backup redundancy. Router configuration is retained through the upgrade, simplifying the setup process and saving time and money.

The Specs

Warranty Information Limited
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Additional Specifications
Parts Warranty (Not Specified)
Labor Warranty (Not Specified)
Frequency Band Dial in and out over 1, 2 or 3 ordinary phone lines Uses ordinary phone lines, no special setup required Aggregate two built-in modems for up to 112 Kbps performance Add an additional external modem for up to 168 Kbps Built-in 8-port 10 Base-T Ethernet hub with uplink switch Built-in Secure VPN Remote access to IP/IPX services on LAN for up to 15 dial-in users Easy upgrade path to leased line or DSL, keep one modem as an integrated dial backup Asynchronous serial port for modem connections of up to 230 Kbps
UPC 666947002059
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Speeds Supported 10 Mbps
Total Number of Ports 10
Fiber - ST (Straight Tip) (Not Applicable)
Technical Support URL
IBM Data Connector (Not Applicable)
Max Voltage (Not Specified)
Technical Support Phone Number 510-814-5000
AUI/DIX-DB-15 Thick-Coaxial (Xbase-5) (Not Applicable)
Fibre Channel - DB-9 FC-AL Standard 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Connectivity Media Twisted Pair 10Base-T
Product Family Routers
Min Voltage (Not Specified)
Fiber - FDDI MIC (Media Interface Connector) (Not Applicable)
Manufacturer Description Dual Analog R2020
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Specified)
Fiber - SMA (Not Applicable)
Network Status Indicators Management
Temperature 32F (0C) to 158F (70C) Storage
Description Routers Dual 56K Analog 10BaseT (8)RJ-45 (2)RJ-11 RS-232 Router
Fibre Channel - HSSDC (High-Speed Serial Data) (Not Applicable)
normalized-Weight 29.92
RJ-11 4-pin Modular Plug (Phone/Telco) 2
RJ-45 Station (UTP Cabled) Modular Plug (Not Applicable)
ISDN - S/T Interface (Not Applicable)
Network OS Support Mac OS|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98
Humidity 20% to 80% Non-condensing Operating
Product Model R2020
Fiber - Biconic (Not Applicable)
Management Port Yes
Number of RJ-11 Ports 2
Type of Router Bridge Router
Manufacturer Sku R2020
Management SmartStart Wizard SNMPv1 Web based Management Syslog Client: Maintains ongoing activity log on a syslog server
Vendor NPA
Fiber - FC (Not Applicable)
BNC Thin-Coaxial (Xbase-2) (Not Applicable)
ISDN - U Interface (Not Applicable)
Brand Name Motorola
Product Line Series Model Dual 56K Analog
Base Warranty (Not Specified)
Fiber - VF-45 (Not Specified)
DB-9 Station (STP Cabled) 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Case Pack Quantity 1
RJ-45 Twisted-Pair (Xbase-T) 8
Fiber - SC (Subscriber Connector) (Not Applicable)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
SKU R2020
Management/Protocols Supported AppleTalk|CHAP|IP|IPX|PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)|PPP|SNMP|Telnet
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports 8
Category Routers
Height (Not Specified)
Class Network Hardware
Width (Not Specified)
Depth (Not Specified)
Dimensions 2.25" Height x 9.45" Width x 7.95" Depth
Weight 1.87 lbs
Quick Glance
Form Factor Desktop
Number of Network Ports 10
Network Architecture Supported Yes Ethernet (10 Mbps)|)
Interfaces 8 x RJ-45 10Base-T LAN|2 x RJ-11 WAN|1 x DB-9 Console Management|1 x DB-15 Serial WAN
Installed Main Memory 4 MB
Installed Flash Memory (Not Specified)

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