Manufacturer’s Description

The R in DVD-R stands for recordable or simply put - write one time. DVD-R is the next generation of CD-R. Think of it as the larger capacity brother of CD-R. DVD-R is a write once single sided optical disc. It has the same physical size as a CD-R (12cm), but has higher data and track densities that give it about 7 times the storage capacity of a standard 650MB CD-R.

The Specs

Warranty Information Lifetime Limited
More Info
Media Attributes
Storage Capacity 4.70 GB
Additional Specifications
Brand Name Maxell
Rotational Speed 4 X (DVD, DVD-R)
Packing Spindle
Shipping Weight 1.50 lb
Uncompressed Storage Capacity 4.7 GB
Frequency Band Random AccessHigh quality organic dye recording layer materials improve short wavelength recording characteristics for reliable recording and playbackPrecise substrate moulding and improved disc bonding technologies effectively control tilt of the disc for outstanding reliability and durability
AGP Support 388
Printable Yes
Media Formats DVD-R
Quick Glance
Media Quantity 25
Media Type 120mm Standard DVD Recordable Media
Maximum Write Speed 4x

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