Manufacturer’s Description

Value-priced, quality filter fits and protects 19 - 21 CRT monitors and reduces glare by over 99% to relieve eye strain and fatigue. The hanging, flat frame with universal clips provides a custom fit. Traditional tinted glass enhances image contrast for easier viewing. Features anti-radiation and anti-static protection, which reduces exposure to VLF/ELF E-Field radiation, safely dissipates damaging static electricity and reduces dust build-up.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Fellowes
Device Support Monitor
Glare Reduction Up to 99%
Shipping Weight 4 lb
Frequency Band Relieves eyestrain and fatigue for comfortable viewing of screen imagesAlso offers a tremendous value for both glare reduction and radiation protection
Display Type Support CRT
Frame Style Flat
Radiation Blocked Up to 99.9% ELF/VLF radiation
Display Size Support 21"
Dimensions 14.88" x 18.13" x 2.88"
Quick Glance
Product Type Standard Screen Filter

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