Manufacturer’s Description

Provides the capability of stacking BayStack 450 switchesBayStack 450 can be stacked 8 high

The Specs

Warranty Information 1 Year
Additional Specifications
Connectivity Media Cable Stacking
Manufacturer Sku AL2033010
Parent Product Family (Not Specified)
Interfaces 2 x Stack LAN
Fiber - FC (Not Applicable)
Fiber - FDDI MIC (Media Interface Connector) (Not Applicable)
Weight 1.20 lbs
RJ-11 4-pin Modular Plug (Phone/Telco) (Not Applicable)
Fiber - Biconic (Not Applicable)
Management Supported RMON
RJ-45 Twisted-Pair (Xbase-T) 24
UPC 704364073013
Base Warranty Lifetime
AUI/DIX-DB-15 Thick-Coaxial (Xbase-5) (Not Specified)
Technical Support Phone Number 800-466-7835
Labor Warranty (Not Applicable)
Fiber - ST (Straight Tip) (Not Applicable)
Network Status Indicators (Not Specified)
BNC Thin-Coaxial (Xbase-2) (Not Specified)
Product Family Switches
RJ-45 Station (UTP Cabled) Modular Plug (Not Applicable)
ISDN - U Interface (Not Applicable)
Fiber - VF-45 (Not Specified)
normalized-Processor Speed 0 MHz
Dimensions 2" Height x 6.8" Width x 16.3" Depth
Class Network Hardware
Fibre Channel - DB-9 FC-AL Standard 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Technical Support URL
Brand Name Nortel
Case Pack Quantity 1
Fiber - SC (Subscriber Connector) (Not Applicable)
Frequency Band The front-panel components of the BayStack 400-ST1 Cascade Module consists of Two blank connectors (unused), One Cascade A Out SCSI connector, One Unit Select switch, One Cascade A In SCSI connector.Cascade A Out Connector: The Cascade A SCSI out provides an attachment point for connecting this unit to another unit via the cascade cable. A return cable from another unit's Cascade A Out connector to this unit's Cascade A In SCSI connector completes the stack connection.The Unit Select switch: (up = Base) determines the base unit for the stack configuration.
Type of Switch Stacking Module
Environment Switch
Installed Flash Memory (Not Specified)
Speeds Supported 100 Mbps
normalized-Weight 19.2
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Specified)
DB-9 Station (STP Cabled) 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
ISDN - S/T Interface (Not Applicable)
Product Line BayStack
Shipping Weight 1.25 lb
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description Baystack 400-ST Cascade Module
Parts Warranty (Not Applicable)
Processor Type (Not Specified)
Interfaces/Ports Details 2 x DB-50 Stack
Installed Main Memory (Not Specified)
Description Switches Baystack 450-ST1 Cascade Module 100BaseFX (24)RJ-45
Product Line Series Model Baystack 450-ST1 Cascade Module
Fiber - SMA (Not Applicable)
SKU AL2033010
Fibre Channel - HSSDC (High-Speed Serial Data) (Not Applicable)
Network Architecture Supported Ethernet - 100 Mbps Fiber (100BaseFX)
IBM Data Connector (Not Applicable)
Category Other
Processor Speed (Not Specified)
Vendor NRT
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