Manufacturer’s Description

U.S.Robotics offers superior performance that plugs directly into your laptop computer. The 56K PC Card Winmodem with XJACK Connector makes connections easy with the convenient and durable pop-out XJACK connector.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Parts Warranty (Not Applicable)
Slot Type PC Card (Type Not Specified)
Description 56K PC Card Data
Labor Warranty (Not Applicable)
Frequency Band Advanced Line Probing technology: Finds the "potholes" in the path between your modem and your Internet Service Provider - the obstacles that slow down your connection - and tells your provider's equipment how to adjust its signal to avoid those obstacles to ensure that you connect at the highest speed possible. Faster connections: While other 56K modems "shift down" to lower connect speeds when operating on troublesome lines, U.S.Robotics 56K PC Card modems "shift up" at the first available opportunity to always provide you with the fastest connection possible. Convenient XJACK connector: Exclusive XJACK connector makes getting connected easy: Slide in the PC Card,pop out the XJACK connector, and plug in the phone cord. The XJACK connector lights to show connection status: flashes when dialing and remains on when an Internet connection is made. Digital Line Guard protection: Protects your modem from potentially dangerous phone lines. Hot swappable simplicity: Hot swappable design lets you switch PC Cards without rebooting.
UPC (Not Specified)
Number of Phone Line (RJ-11) Ports 1
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Modulation ITU-T V.23
Product Model 3CP003056
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98
Data Standards MNP-5
Technical Support URL
Parent Product Family (Not Specified)
Color Temperature Two-year limited manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.
Technical Support Phone Number 800-638-3266
Modem Transmission Data Rate 56 Kbps
Correction Compression Standards MNP-4|ITU-T V.42|MNP-2|MNP-3
Manufacturer Sku 3CP003056
System Type PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
Vendor USR
Product Family (Not Applicable)
Brand Name U.S. Robotics
Product Line Series Model (Not Applicable)
Base Warranty Lifetime
Case Pack Quantity 1
Command Set AT Command Set
Shipping Weight 15.68 oz
Manufacturer Description 56K Modem PC CARD
Max Fax Data Speed 56 Kbps Data Receive V.90|31.20 Kbps Data Send V.90|14.40 Kbps Fax V.90
Fax Transmission Data Rate 14.4 Kbps
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Applicable)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Voice Standards (Not Applicable)
SKU 3CP003056
Max Data Speed 56 Kbps
Category Internal 56K
Required Operating System PC
Fax Standards Class 1|Group 3
Weight (Not Specified)
Depth (Not Specified)
Warranty Information 2 Year Limited
Interface Connection RJ-11
Height (Not Specified)
Features (Not Specified)
Class Modem
Width (Not Specified)
Quick Glance
Internal/External Plug-in Card
Modem Type Data/Fax Modem

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