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Go pick on someone your own size! Product Information The Ant Bully tells a witty and heartwarming story about a 10-year old boy who embarks on a remarkable journey.  New in town, friendless and tormented by a neighborhood bully, young Lucas Nickle has been taking out his frustration on the innocent ant hill in his yard.  But one day the ants retaliate.  Using a magic potion, the ants shrink Lucas down to ant size and sentence him to live like an ant in their colony.  In this strange new world Lucas will learn important lessons about team work, get a whole new perspective on life and ultimately discover the courage to stand up for himself. Based on the exciting journey of the digitally animated family adventure The Ant Bully, experience the perils of an ant's world as you evolve from recluse to hero in a quest to save the colony from extermination. Product Features Play as Lucas as you fight like an ant in a human sized world. Experience thrilling advent

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Parent Retsku B001EYUNLM
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