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The U.S. installs a temporary military base on East Timor to train the developing defense force of the world youngest democracy. Resistance to U.S. military presence in Southeast Asia is widespread and passionate, but the threat Indonesian militias pose to Timorese democracy is deemed sufficient justification. At the same time, the U.S. doesn't mind having an excuse to install active military personnel within easy reach of both North Korea and the largest Muslim population in Asia. Anti-U.S. resentment comes to a head under the leadership of guerilla militia leader Suhadi Sadono, acting with the unofficial support of major corrupt factions of the Indonesian government. Suhadi's men attack and occupy the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, taking dozens of civilian and military personnel hostage. You are Sam Fisher. You're sent in, not to rescue the hostages, but to destroy top-secret documentation held in the embassy before Suhadi's men access it.

The Specs

License Type Full Product
Additional Specifications
Description Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (PC)
Software Main Type Game
Required Processor Speed 1 GHz
Required Disk Space 3 GB
SKU D8888681601
Recommended Memory 512 MB
Recommended Processor Speed 1.8 GHz
Recommended Processor Class Intel Pentium 4
Max License Size 1 user(s)
Required Memory 256 MB
Software Name Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Brand Name Ubisoft
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium III Processor
Min License Size 1 user(s)
Quick Glance
Game Genre First Person Shooter
ESRB Rating T (Teen 13+)
Media Format CD-ROM
Required Operating System PC
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