Manufacturer’s Description

The Intel Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology , manufactured on state-of-the-art 90nm process technology,provides increased system responsiveness in multitasking environments and is ready to run next-generation multithreaded applications.With 800 MHz processor system bus and 1 MB Level 2 Advanced Transfer Cache (ATC), this newest Intel Pentium 4 processor enables highly differentiated and scalable embedded solutions within the growing communications, interactive client and industrial automation market segments.

The Specs

Physical + Memory Specifications
L1 Cache Size 28 kB
L2 Cache Size 1 MB
Warranty Information 3 Year Limited Warranty
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Additional Specifications
Thermal Design Power 103 W
Brand Name Intel
Process Technology 90 nm
Processor Technology Hyper-Threading Technology
Shipping Weight 1.60 oz
Frequency Band Featuring the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture:Hyper-pipelined technology of the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture doubles the pipeline depth compared to the microarchitecture used on today's Intel Pentium III processorsLevel 1 Execution Trace Cache includes 8 KB data cache (16 KB for Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology), as well as an Execution Trace Cache that stores up to 12K decoded micro ops in the order of program executionRapid Execution Engine includes two Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) that are clocked at twice the core processor frequency512 KB Level 2 Advanced Transfer Cache (ATC) delivers a high data throughput channel between the Level 2 cache and the processor core (1 MB for Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology) Features of the ATC include:Non-blocking, full speed, on-die level 2 cache8-way set associativity256-bit data bus to the level 2 cacheData clocked into and out of the cache every clock cycleDeep, out-of-order speculative Advanced Dynamic Execution engineEnhanced Floating-point and Multi-media Unit expands floating-point registers to a full 128-bit and adds an additional register for data movementInternet Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) adds 144 new instructions that include 128-bit SIMD integer arithmetic and 128-bit SIMD double-precision floating-point operationsData Prefetch Logic functionality anticipates the data needed by an application and preloads it into the Advanced Transfer Cache, further increasing processor and application performanceSupport for uni-processor designsData integrity and reliability features such as Error Correcting Code, Fault Analysis and Recovery for both system and L2 cache busesEmbedded lifecycle support
Processor Features Intel® MMX(TM) Technology|Intel® NetBurst� microarchitecture|Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions|Intel® x86 Compatibilty
Product Line Pentium 4
Processor Speed + Class
Bus Speed 800 MHz
Processor Speed 3 GHz
Quick Glance
Number of Processor Cores Single-core (1 Core)
Processor Socket Intel Socket PGA-478
normalized-Processor Speed 3000
Processor Class Intel Pentium 4

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