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MODEL- 15162 VENDOR- ELECTRONIC ARTS FEATURES- Superman Returns: The Videogame Xbox Master Your Super Powers to Save Metropolis! Inspired by the blockbuster film and drawing from more than 60 years of comics and movies from the DC Comics universe, Superman Returns: The Videogame is the ultimate open-world super hero experience. For the first time ever, explore the game environment not only horizontally but vertically as well. Revolutionary new flight mechanics give you full command of your aerial maneuvers. Use them to explore a Metropolis that is not only expansive (80 sq. miles and more than 7,000 buildings), but also changes dynamically based on how you play. Experience what it's like to be Superman like never before with Superman Returns: The Videogame.* The First Multi-Dimensional Open World Go anywhere in Metropolis right away--exploring the first open-world game that extends from the street all the way into the atmosphere. Non- linear gameplay and innovative flight, rescue, and combat mechanics let you create your own experience.* The Authentic Superman Experience Drawing from more than 60 years of DC Comics fi ction and featuring film-inspired missions and voiceover from Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey, this is the Superman game fans have always wanted.* Be Creative with Your Powers Superman has all of his classic super powers, including Flight, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Super Hearing, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Breath, and Freeze Breath, but

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Parent Retsku B001EYUOXY
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