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Fast action strategic thinking twisted humor and incredible 3D graphics! Product Information Before man climbed down from the trees to shop in megastores and drink cappuccino before Earth wadded itself into a cool blue ball before Planet Moon even existed there was the Island. The Island a massive fragment of a long-lost planet hurtling blindly through space. The description evokes the term asteroid but the Island is no dead piece of scorched rock. Even from a distance of light years the Island s radiant colors distinguish it as an anomaly within the void of the cosmos. True asteroids decaying and splintered pieces of rock floating quietly around the island like watchful ghosts radiate jealousy from their black pores desperate for the beauty they will never have. Anyway the Island...whether these small continents are made of rock or ice they boast some curious life forms. Plants ranging from a few inches in height to thousands of feet. Small humanoid creatures occupying quaint stone huts. A variety of monstrosities all created by the Island s natural forces...all but one. Upon the surface of this paradise wanders the giant Kabuto. He knows that this is his home but he does not feel that he belongs. From whence he came he does not know only the serial number 001 imprinted on his stomach offers any clue. The only one of his kind Kabuto sits alone and longs for company. Every creature he has encountered was...different. Whether they came from the skies or from the seas they

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Additional Specifications
Min License Size (Not Applicable)
Description Giants Citizen Kabuto
Recommended Disk Space (Not Applicable)
Software Type Action|Racing|Strategy
Required Disk Space 400 MB
UPC (Not Specified)
Other Recommendations (Not Applicable)
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium Processor
Other Requirements MicrosoftDirectX|Sound Controller|Pointing Device|Keyboard|CD-ROM
Version / Edition (Not Specified)
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Recommended Memory (Not Applicable)
Required Memory 64 MB
Recommended Processor Speed (Not Applicable)
Pricing Level (Not Applicable)
Point Level (Not Specified)
Max License Size 1 Users
Technical Support URL
Required Processor Speed 233 MHz
Technical Support Phone Number 949-553-6678
Manufacturer Sku FG-C95-749-0
System Type PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
Vendor INY
Product Family Giants
Recommended Processor Class (Not Applicable)
Product Line Series Model (Not Applicable)
Manufacturer Description Giants
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Points/Units (Not Specified)
Category Entertainment
Class Software-Entertainment
Quick Glance
ESRB Rating RP (Rating Pending)
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98
Media Format CD-ROM
License Type Full Product

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