Manufacturer’s Description

This Epson Serial Interface Board, without Buffer, Type-B is designed for the for ActionPrinter-5500, FX880+, FX890, and FX980 Impact Printers. It allows synchronous serial data communication between host computer and an EPSON printer.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Epson
Product Type Serial Adapter
Product Compatibility ActionLaser 1500, ActionLaser 1600, ActionPrinter 5500, DFX 9000, EPL N1200, EPL N2000, EPL N2000C, FX 2190, FX 880+, FX 890, FX 980, LQ 2080, LQ 2090, LQ 2180, LQ 570e, LQ 590, LQ 680Pro, LQ 870, Stylus 1000, Stylus 1500, Stylus Color 1520, Stylus Color 800, Stylus Color 850, Stylus Color 860, Stylus Color 900, Stylus Color 900G, Stylus Color 900N, Stylus Color Pro, Stylus Color Pro-XL, Stylus Pro 5000, Stylus Pro XL
Compatible Printer Model(s) Epson Printers: ActionLaser 1500 ActionLaser 1600 ActionPrinter 5500 DFX 9000 EPL N1200 EPL N2000 EPL N2000C FX 2190 FX 880+ FX 890 FX 980 LQ 2080 LQ 2090 LQ 2180 LQ 570e LQ 590 LQ 680Pro LQ 870 Stylus 1000 Stylus 1500 Stylus Color Stylus Color 1520 Stylus Color 800 Stylus Color 850 Stylus Color 860 Stylus Color 900 Stylus Color 900G Stylus Color 900N Stylus Color Pro Stylus Color Pro-XL Stylus Pro Stylus Pro 5000 Stylus Pro XL
Product Model C12C824431
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