Manufacturer’s Description

They are tiny but they serve a mighty function. It almost seems as if the whole world hinges on little screws holding things together. This is especially true with your PC and peripherals. A couple of missing screws can cause panels to separate, components to loosen, with disaster sure to follow. In one low-cost package, Ultra the industry leader in computer hardware has put together a variety of the most commonly used screws for PC maintenance. This 88-piece package includes 10 metal speed thumb screws, 48 computer assembly screws in two different thread types and 30 brass motherboard standoff screws in two different heights. Don't fret over missing screws! Buy the Ultra Multi-Purpose Screw Kit today.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Ultra
Chassis Material Brass|Metal
Fastener Type 15 x (0.12" x 0.33") - Jackscrew Standoff
Local Availability yes
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