Manufacturer’s Description

With L&H Voice Xpress products, you can "say it your way" with patented Natural Language Technology. A voice-powered word processor lets you use your own words as commands, such as "Center this" or "Bold this." Natural Language Technology will understand what you mean. Now, there's no need to memorize commands; just use your everyday speech. Start dictating in as few as five minutes using L&H XpressStart technology. It's easy to install and set up. You can dictate at a rate of up to 160 words per minute. This system not only enables you to dictate into virtually any Windows-based program, but also to control Microsoft Office applications with your own words. Other features include the Sample Commands View, which lists the top commands for the application that you are currently using without interrupting your productivity; the list automatically updates each time you switch to or open a new application. Insert a paragraph of frequently used text or graphics, such as a letter closing, using the Dictation Shortcuts feature. Vastly improved speech models enable Voice Xpress users to achieve up to 98 percent accuracy. With a 307,000-plus-word vocabulary, spelling mistakes are reduced and accuracy is improved. Enter numbers, letters, dates, and dollar amounts in your natural speech; for example, if you say "three thousand and four dollars," L&H Voice Xpress Standard types "$3,004.00" on your screen. The program also includes document editing using the text-to-speech feature, where L&H Voice Xpress Standard reads your documents back, making editing easier than ever.

The Specs

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System Requirements
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium II Processor
Required Processor Speed (Not Specified)
Required Memory 64 MB
Required Disk Space 250 MB
Additional Specifications
Technical Support URL
Description Voice Xpress Standard Full Product CD-ROM 1U
Technical Support Phone Number 781-203-5000
Software Type Speech Recognition
Manufacturer Sku VXST5000
System Type PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
UPC (Not Specified)
Vendor LHA
Product Family Voice Xpress
Product Line Series Model Standard
Other Recommendations (Not Applicable)
Other Requirements Microphone|Sound Controller|Speakers|CD-ROM
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description Voice Xpress Standard
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Pricing Level (Not Applicable)
Point Level (Not Specified)
Points/Units (Not Specified)
Category System Utilities
Class Software-Utilities
Quick Glance
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
License Type Full Product
Media Format CD-ROM
Max License Size 1 Users
Min License Size (Not Applicable)
Version / Edition 5
Recommended System Requirements
Recommended Memory (Not Applicable)
Recommended Disk Space (Not Applicable)
Recommended Processor Speed (Not Applicable)
Recommended Processor Class (Not Applicable)

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