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Product Type AC Adapter
Power Rating Watts 60 W
Product Compatibility HP OmniBook Series: 4150 Series 4150B Series 500 D&T BTO Special (F2448x) 500 Series (F2xxx) 500B D&T BTO Special (F3751x) 500B Series (F3xxx) 6000 D&T BTO Special (F2444x) 6000 D&T BTO Special (F3752x) 6000 Series (up to F20xx) 6000B Series (F2100x to F2187x) 6000C Series (F2188x to F2971x) XE-DA Series XE2-DB Series XE2-DC Series XE2-DD Series XE2-DE Series XE2-DI Series XE3 Series (up to F2299x) XE3-GD Series, AMD (F24xx, F3xxx) XE3-GE Series, AMD (F43xx) XE3B Series (from F2300x to F2329x) XE3C Series (from F2330x to F2999x) HP Pavilion Series: N3000 Series Notebooks N5100 Series & XH1x6 Series Notebooks N5200 Series & XH2xx Series Notebooks N53/5400 & XH3xx Series Notebooks (Intel) N5400 & XH4xx Series Notebooks (AMD) N5400B & XH5xx Series Notebooks (AMD) N6100 Series Notebooks N6300/N6400 Series Notebooks Notebook XU155, ZU175, ZU1155
Input Voltage Supported 110 V AC|220 V AC
Product Type AC Adapter

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