Manufacturer’s Description

Join Barbie on the ultimate underwater adventure as she snorkels through three unexplored marine environments on a hunt for priceless treasures of the deep. Along the way, she'll visit colorful coral reefs and mysterious sunken cities. As Barbie explores the undersea world, she'll uncover nine unique mini-games that test her puzzle-solving and memory skills. One game will test Barbie's navigation skills as she helps Sandy the dolphin through a perplexing maze. Another game offers the brain-twisting task of finding matching items under clam shells. When Barbie beats a challenge, she'll receive part of a key that, when complete, opens a new undersea landscape to explore. Mini-games can be repeated to earn special charms for Barbie's jewel box. Barbie Ocean Discovery plays in full color on a Game Boy Color system, and is also compatible with older Game Boy systems. Any Barbie fan with a Game Boy can dive right in! --Eric Twelker

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Category Action
Class Game Boy Color
Quick Glance
Game Genre Action/Adventure

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