Manufacturer’s Description

Every hundred years the legend begins again. The Queen Pede awakens and summons her insect minions from the dark core of the Earth. Swarming to the surface, they have one evil intention: Invade and destroy the Wee People of Weedom. The Wee People have faced this crisis before and are not about to give up without a fight. Weedom is a land filled with magic and the Wee People know exactly what they must do. To defend their land and destroy the evil Queen Pede, the Wee People have constructed The Shooter. A mixture of magic and mechanics, The Shooter is a floating ship armed with bug stomping weapons. Now, who will pilot The Shooter? In the past, the Magic Stick has always picked the bravest heroes. This year, it pointed to Wally. Until now, Wally Gudmunzsun had spent his days as a simple bean counter, but now he must climb into The Shooter and protect Weedom. So begins the story of Hasbro Interactive's updated classic Centipede for the Sega Dreamcast. Centipede comes packed with two modes of play: Adventure and Classic. In Adventure mode, Centipede is played in a fully 3D environment. From behind the controls of The Shooter, players must navigate through six worlds and 35 levels, blasting mushrooms, centipedes, and other vile insects into oblivion. Also in Adventure mode, players now have more than one weapon to use in their fight against the Queen Pede and her brood. The Shooter's weapons can be upgraded from single shot to double and triple shot. Also, secondary weapons, such as missiles and flame throwers, can now be used. As an added advantage, shields and armor can be picked up and used to protect The Shooter from the hordes of insects that attack from every side.

The Specs

Release Date 1999-11-18
Additional Specifications
Description CENTIPEDE
Local Availability yes
Parent Retsku B00001OX4R
Quick Glance
Game Genre Action/Adventure