Manufacturer’s Description

A four-disc RPG epic, The Legend of Dragoon is set in a time of swords, magic, and dragons. Ten thousand years prior, the Dragon War pitted Dragoons--humans with the power to control dragons--against Enslavers, magicians who sought to enslave the humans. Now Dart, a young warrior, is on a quest to find the demon that killed his parents. The Legend of Dragoon features prerendered, 3-D backgrounds and detailed, polygonal figures. Several nonplaying characters and many full-motion video scenes take you through the complex story. The game's turn-based battle engine allows you to increase the strength of an attack through repeated button taps and shows the percentage increase you've created. A timing feature in the battle modes allows you to add devastating combinations to your attacks. The Spirit Points you accumulate during your quest can be used to unlock a special power, known as the Dragon attack.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
ESRB Rating T (Teen)
Game Genre Action/Adventure
Category Playstation Action
Memory Space Required 2 Blocks
Simultaneous Multiplayer Mode No
Network Compatible No
Uses Memory Card? Yes
Maximum Number of Players 1
Class Playstation
Release Date 2000-6-13
Local Availability yes
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