Manufacturer’s Description

3DForceFX 5200 video accelerator is nVIDIA GeForceFX 5200 core technology based 128MB DDR memory modules built-in onboard totally. This AGP 8x-bus video accelerator is capable of driving very complex geometry and character animation images on your PC desktop incomparably, with truly genuine filling experience you may anticipate like never before. The particular emphasis of this AGP's ability that is very ease of play all fancy PC games with preferred resolution, unique visual effects, life-like, and these much of realistic graphical improvements must be performed on high-end computers.

The Specs

Warranty Information 2 Year Limited
More Info
Memory Technology DDR SDRAM
Installed Video Memory 128 MB
Additional Specifications
Max Resolution 2048 x 1536
RAMDAC Speed 350 MHz
Chipset Series 5
Frequency Band nView Multi-display Technology: The nView hardware and software technology combination delivers maximum flexibility for multi-display options, and provides unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience.Unified Driver Architecture (UDA): Guarantees forward and backward compatibility with software drivers. Simplifies upgrading to a new NVIDIA product because all NVIDIA products work with the same driver software.0.15 µ Micron Process Technology: Delivers high performance through faster clock rates.Architected for Cg: Ensures that the newest, cutting-edge special effects in applications will run flawlessly. Speeds up content creation so game developers can get their new games out to PC users faster than ever before.CineFX Shading Architecture:Support for DX 9.0 pixel shader 2.0+Support for DX 9.0 Vertex Shader 2.0+Very long pixel and Vertex programs instructionsSubroutines in shader programsDynamic flow controlConditional wire maskingConditional executionZ-correct bump-mappingHardware accelerated shader effect with shadow buffersTwo-sided stencilKeyframe animationCustom lens effects: fish eye, wide angle, fresnel effects, water refractionDigital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0:DVC color controlsDVC image sharpening controlsHigh Performance 2D Acceleration:Optimized for 32-, 24-, 16-, 15-, and 8-bpp modesTrue-color, 64x64 hardware cursor with alpha
Number of VGA Output 1
Dimensions 2.45" Height x 6.25" Length
Color Depth at Maximum Resolution 16.7 Million Colors + 8-Bit Grayscale Mask (32-bit)
normalized-Height 62.23
Parent Retsku B00027BW9Y
Brand Name Jaton
Chipset Line GeForce
Number of S-Video Output 1
Digital Signal Yes
Shipping Weight 1 lb
AGP Support AGP 4X|AGP 8X
Analog Signal Yes
Product Line 3DForce
Height 2.45 in
Quick Glance
Interface Connection VGA Yes|S-Video Yes
normalized-Installed Video Memory 128
Slot/Port Type AGP 8x
Functionality 2 Monitors
Video Chipset GeForce 5200
System Requirements Intel Pentium P4, or compatible system with AGP 2x/4x/8x Bus Extension Slot CD-ROM drive, Quad speed or faster Hard Drive with at least 50MB Free space MS Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP operating systems
System Type PC

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