Manufacturer’s Description

Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness takes the original formula and updates it for the new millennium. The most striking change is the game's new 3-D orientation. The play is expanded, but it is largely based on the original. Maze Madness involves a weird story of gems being scattered throughout Pac-Land. A witch is after the gems, so you must find them all before she does. Maze Madness is a bit of a misleading title, because while the game does involve mazes, it's the puzzles that will stop your progress. Most of the puzzles aren't that hard, but a few will stump you for a bit. There are blocks to push, TNT to explode, and springboards that propel you upward. Players are awarded stars for completing different tasks, such as finding all the fruit in a level, munching all the pellets in a level, or beating the level in time-trial mode. Initially, earning one star per level will get you to the next stage, but you must go back and earn more stars to unlock later levels.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Category N64 Strategy
Class Nintendo 64
Gender Man
Age adults
Release Date 2000-11-15
Quick Glance
Game Genre Strategy