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More power, more realism. Feel powerful and ultra-realistic weapon recoils, missile launches, collisions, and more with this premium force feedback joystick.

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Additional Specifications
Parts Warranty (Not Specified)
Description WingMan Force 3D Force-Feedback Joystick
Labor Warranty (Not Specified)
Software Included Logitech Profiler Software for PC:Customize button and force feedback functionality: Every game is different, and so is every gamer. We know that. So we provide this versatile software that allows you to have things your way."Double" the number of buttons with the shift-button: Are you a control freak? We are too. Enable the shift button functionality to turn all those buttons into twice as many.Quickly switch between game controllers: Fly your plane, drive your car, and then kick the ball around without being frustrated by controller configuration. Our software lets you easily manage and switch between your Logitech game controllers.Includes profiles for hundreds of popular games: We're quite sure that you know exactly how you want to set up your controller for your favorite games. But just in case, we've thrown in a few hundred of our favorite configurations.Easily download new game profiles: As if the profiles we ship with the controller weren't enough.Print out profiles for quick reference: We hate losing buttons. So we like to print out our game configurations for quick reference.
Included Components Throttle
normalized-Weight 73.6
Frequency Band Select and fire weapons quickly with the unique wheel button: In battle, speed and versatility are essential to victory. Now you can instantly scroll through weapons or strafe with lethal speed. This is just one more Logitech innovation designed expressly to give you the decisive advantage.Stronger motors deliver more powerful forces: Strike Force 3D is a powerful tool for powerful competitors. It delivers all the force feedback realism-in big doses. This premium, extra-strength joystick will put you right into the action. Can you handle that?Take complete command: With three MiGs on your tail, reaching for the keyboard is a luxury you can't afford. Why not deal with them more directly? Strike Force 3D gives you instant access to all of your weapons and countermeasures, plus the ability to keep an alert eye out for friend and foe.Comfortable stick with intuitive button placement: Don't let discomfort cramp your style. Our famous joystick grips and button orientation let you hunt down all the bad guys, dispatch them efficiently, and still have the dexterity to quickly type taunts explaining exactly how good you are.Turn on a dime with precise twist-handle rudder control: Whether your plane is a delightful touring craft or something more lethal, you need to be in complete control. There should be no wrong turns with Logitech twist-handle technology.Stable, heavily weighted base: It's rare indeed for a pilot to yank the joystick right out of his cockpit. And with Strike Force 3D, there's no reason for you to suffer that pain and embarrassment either. It's heavy.Bundled game: Just in case you are the only person on the planet who doesn't have a force feedback game, or more likely, your advanced skills have frightened off all the competitors in your current game, Logitech is throwing in a great game for you to enjoy. So enjoy!
UPC (Not Specified)
Depth (Not Specified)
Programmable Buttons Yes
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Height (Not Specified)
Width (Not Specified)
Green Compliance Yes
Technical Support URL
Technical Support Phone Number 800-231-7717opt4
Manufacturer Sku 963191-0403
Vendor LOG
Product Family WingMan
Number of Buttons 7
Brand Name Logitech
Signal Type (Not Specified)
Product Line Series Model Force 3D
Base Warranty (Not Specified)
Interface Connection 1 x 4-pin Type A Male USB
Case Pack Quantity 1
Shipping Weight 4.60 lb
Special Functions Throttle Wheel
Manufacturer Description WingMan Force 3D Joystick
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Specified)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
SKU 9631910403
Product Line WingMan
Warranty Information 1 Year
Category Joysticks/Gamepads
Force Feedback Yes
Buttons and Controls 9 x Programmable Button|2 x Hat Switch|1 x Throttle|1 x Rotating Handle|1 x Wheel Button
Dimensions 9.50" Height x 12.30" Width x 9.80" Depth
Class Input Device
Weight 4.60 lbs
Green Compliance RoHS
Quick Glance
Controller Type Gaming Joystick
System Type PC|Mac
Connectivity Cable

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