Manufacturer’s Description

Paper Mario is a role-playing game set in the Mario Bros. universe, featuring the jumping plumber himself as the main character. The game gets its name from its unique graphical presentation, which features paper-thin 2D characters that interact in a detailed, 3D-rendered world. Many tried-and-true Mario conventions prevail in the game, including "stomp" attacks, power-ups and coins that appear when Mario bounces against blocks. Several characters from past Mario games also make appearances. Combat is turn-based, but Mario has the freedom to walk around and explore as he wishes. He'll have to make friends as he makes his way through the adventure, too, as many of the game's challenges require teamwork. Text-based interaction with other characters keeps the story moving along.

The Specs

Release Date 2001-2-13
Network Compatible No
Additional Specifications
Category N64 Action
Parent Retsku B00004U1R3
Class Nintendo 64
Optional Expansions Controller with Vibration Function
Uses Memory Card? Yes
Quick Glance
Game Genre Action/Adventure
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)