Manufacturer’s Description

Attract new business and transition existing customers with the latest evolution of Intel technology. PCs based on the newest Intel Pentium 4 processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology) give your customers the power to do more without slowing down. In fact, HT Technology can provide software performance benefits of up to 25 percent in multitasking situations, delivering advanced performance for both home and business PC users.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Frequency Band CPUID String: 0F33HCore Stepping: C0L2 Cache Speed: 3.4 MHzBus/Core Ratio: 17Rapid Execution Engine: Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) run at twice the processor core frequencyEnhanced branch predictionOptimized for 32-bit applications running advanced 32-bit operating systems144 Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) instructionsEnhanced floating point and multimedia unit for enhanced video, audio, encryption, and 3D performance
Product Line Pentium 4
Thermal Specification 163.6F (73.1C)
Processor Features CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing)|Intel® MMX(TM) Technology|Intel® NetBurst� microarchitecture|Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions
Included Devices Cooling Fan|Heat Sink
Process Technology 130 nm
Included Fan Type ATX
Brand Name Intel
Thermal Design Power 103 W
Processor Technology Hyper-Pipelined Technology (HPT)
Physical + Memory Specifications
L2 Cache Size 1 MB
L1 Cache Size 8 KB
Quick Glance
Processor Socket Intel Socket PGA-478
normalized-Processor Speed 3400
Processor Class Intel Pentium 4
Number of Processor Cores Single-core (1 Core)
Warranty Information 3 Year Limited Warranty
More Info
Processor Speed + Class
Processor Speed 3.40 GHz
Bus Speed 800 MHz

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